Danyella Skyler Silverfire (danyellaskyler) wrote,
Danyella Skyler Silverfire

[Fic] Hide and Seek: Side Fic: Too Sexy?

Title: Too Sexy?
Fandom: Naruto
Author: Danyella Skyler Silverfire
Website: Livejournal, Insanejournal, or Fanfiction.Net
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): Humor
Pairing(s): Shine<fangirls
Summary: Naruto's first meeting with Shine. Takes place a few months after Hide and Seek.
Warnings: Too much sexy.
Disclaimer: Checks reality meter (It's remarkably Magic Eight Ball shaped). {{shake}}{{shake}} Do I own Naruto? Nope still the right reality. Go eat a tuna sandwich instead. {{stares}} Damn.
Author's Note: I love the thought of Aburame Shine. Pretty much he is probably the only person in the entire world that can actually control Iria/Iruka. He's Iruka's old Jounin instructor, and has his own problems. Yes he is that sexy.
Word Count: 144
Too Sexy?Collapse )
Tags: fandom: naruto, fic: hide and seek, other: fanfiction
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